Mike Dunn JR | D.R.E.A.M Con USA
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Co-Founder of Giving Excellence

Michael Dunn Jr. is an Visionary, Inspirational speaker, and Charismatic leader who inspires people to live their life to their greatest potential, and actively pursue their purpose.

He specializes in Personal Development. Michael Dunn’s strong message is based around Integrity and Courage. His teachings and philosophy are a compilation of personal ideals and self development legends that can be applied to this new generation of leaders.

The Giving Excellence Movement is a Foundation that Enlightens our youth with Personal Development. It equips the next generation with the tools they need to become a true, honest leader within their community. We are on a mission to breed our young people to make a positive impact and take pride in the opportunities they have laid out for them. We encourage entrepreneurship, accountability, responsibility, honesty, and to give excellence in everything they do.


This is a movement that will empower the youth to be more in tune with their mindset on a daily basis. Giving the children the knowledge of how to set goals, encourage each other, understand morals, and germinate into the leader we know they can be.