John Redenbo | D.R.E.A.M Con USA
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A visionary strategist, organizational transformer and market leader. He is known for creating catalytic opportunities that propel leaders and organizations forward into their purpose. His heart for people and communities of excellence drives his passion to see them empowered and living the life they were born for. 

John has been disrupting the status quo for two decades. Best known for creative financing solutions and walking clients through complex times of change and crisis, he has a reputation for "funding the impossible". For more than a decade, John's finance firm has been working with businesses, start-ups and organizations in the non-profit, renewable energy, real estate, health & wellness, technology, humanitarian aid, software, education, entertainment and government sectors providing capital to fund their visions.

As a strategic catalyst John has worked with government organizations, Fortune 100 companies, publicly traded firms and small businesses. He is an ardent communicator, published author and prolific speaker with a well-established background in corporate training and professional speaking.