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CEO, Ownership Intelligence Inc

Ownership Intelligence, Inc. is a multifaceted development company reflecting an alignment of strategic partnerships and cross industry expertise to create a "New Class of Stakeholders" in the U.S., and emerging communities around the world. We have created an avenue that helps people re-imagine their participation and the participation of their communities in large scale development projects in the 21st Century.


To get there, we connect those who have merely been customers on the consumer-side-of-the-cash-register to ownership advantages on the ownership-side-of-the-cash-register. We build a logical ladder for the average man, woman and child to move up on. We put the knowledge, the access, and the participation, not just within reach, but in your hands. Every day Ownership Intelligence nurture ideas that transform regular customers into vital players. Those who know they have been limited to the consumer-side-of-the-cash-register don't need us to sale them on the advantages of ownership, everyone is talking about it, we show people a new way, in ways that before now were unimaginable.


The Ownership Intelligence Concept, via the Until-NOW Campaign, is designed to change minds, then change portfolio plans, and change communities. Who Owns, who Builds, who Benefits and who Decides in the 21st Century are the pivotal questions that will define this age in more ways than one. We are proving the model in Dallas, Texas first, then moving it around the country and select countries around the world. We will send out invitations to participate to a select number of people, then close the registration. Those who get in on the first round their lives will change forever. Starting June of 2017, please start looking for our online invitation to participate at All the information you will need will be on the registration and invitation form. God bless those of you who have been waiting on God for such a time and opportunity as this...