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Public Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Published Author, Professional Coach

Victor Vonico Johnson is a inspirational speaker, author, real estate investor, entrepreneur and financial wellness coach that spent 20+ years in leadership roles for Debt Collection Agencies & Call Centers, where he was responsible for collecting more than $100 million in debt, and more than 75,000 transactions resolved during that time period. He has an intimate understanding of the traits that cause people to live in a cycle of debt and how to deal with those debts, debt collectors & the credit reporting industry. Victor has mastered the steps required to, not only improve one’s credit, but also the mindset needed to STAY OUT OF DEBT. Victor is a highly engaging, informative and motivating speaker that wants to educate his audience on financial literacy. His clients have transformed their credit scores, personal finances and learned how to purchase rental properties.

He is the published author of the book, PROVEN PATHWAYS TO WEALTH & HAPPINESS- which tells the story of Victor growing up in a single-parent home- BROKE, then, as an adult living paycheck to paycheck with horrible credit, and how he transformed that into a 7-figure real estate portfolio, and has a credit score consistently over 760. The book outlines the exact steps that allowed him to accomplish this success over a 5-year period. Victor has also mentored dozens of employees, friends, clients and family members through their personal finance & credit challenges. 

Today, Victor is Senior Managing Partner of 555 Equity, a Carrollton TX real estate investment company,, and the General Partner of Credit Restoration Mentors, a credit repair and education company,  

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