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Be fearless

The "Be Fearless" panel is designed to allow a few successful people from various industries share their experiences of becoming successful.

Friday, September 27th 3:00PM

A dollar & a dream

This panel is about building from the ground up and how some of our incredible panelist conquered and overcame. They will talk about mindset, teamwork, environment & more.

Friday, September 27th 7:30PM

Lifestyle, Marketing & branding panel

This panel will uncover tips professionals use for content creation, strategic partnerships, content monetization & more.

Saturday, September 28th 1:30PM

Women in business

This panel will focus on some amazing Women in Business who have become successful staples in our communities and beyond with more business networking.

Saturday, September 28th 5:30PM


This panel will explore how understanding tech can excel growth and looking at applying innovation to business.

Saturday, September 28th 4:15PM

Entertainment, music & business

Enjoy this panel of highly respected experts in Music and Entertainment as they share their extended range of expertise in business and the industry in general.

Saturday, September 28th 2:45PM

Dallas moving forward together

The Dallas Moving Forward Together panel looks at ways we can be better at collaborating, the history of Dallas in business and the importance of mentor-ship.

Thursday, September 26th 8:00PM